AR-308 Blemish Grab Bag Special

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AR-308 Blemish - Grab Bag Special-

Cosmetic Blemish, Perfectly Functional, No color choice

Perfect for project or to throw in the safe

This item must be sent to an FFL dealer


  • Half the weight of a metal lower

  • Lifetime Guarantee

  • Easy Assembly

  • Tactical Colors available 

<< This is a cosmetic blemish or where we had an engraving go wrong. Functionally these are fine and would be perfect if you were going to paint the part anyway>>

The AR-308® Receiver is designed to be stronger and lighter than anything on the market today. We invented the hybrid AR lower receiver and we used that experience in designing the AR-308. We have used our TN ARMS 15 lower in every caliber from .22 LR to 50 BMG. The AR-308 is 30% bigger and includes reinforcement in key areas. This lower receiver assembles just like an AR15 style lower. AR308 lpk is available here: with the roll pin (like an AR15) we use instead of a screw.

The AR-10 type rifle does not have dimensional standards like the AR-15 series does. Not all upper receivers will fit as well as others. We recommend upper receivers from Aero Precision, Head Down Products, Delta Tactical, and the Palmetto State Gen 2. Any AR-15 style trigger will fit fine. 



 Weight is sub 6.3 ounces