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TNARMS15 Stealth Grey

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Tough and Light AR15 style polymer lower receiver available in Stripped, Lower parts Installed, with stock or all the above

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Almost all of our products start as a base level stripped lower. To make your receiver a complete lower ready to be attached to the upper of your choice just add the parts you need below.

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We offer several upgrades to your build.

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TNARMS15 in Stealth Grey 


This was the product that started it all back in 2013. Weighing in at 5.4 ounces and manufactured with a fiber reinforced Nylon. This receiver has the color molded directly into the material itself. You will never have to worry about scratches or dings and the material is pretty much impervious to anything. The receiver is manufactured using our patented process of embedded metal inserts in key stress areas of the buffer tower and the pistol grip.

The Stealth Grey is one of our more popular colors and really makes a nice two-tone build when you use Black Furniture or and combination of Black and Stealth parts.

These Marine-Grade brass inserts are placed into the injection mold prior to being filled with molten Nylon in a 300 Ton press. The end result is a perfectly formed Ar15 style receiver with metal threaded inserts that weighs in way lighter than a standard lower receiver but is manufactured from the same material as off-road suspension bushings and very similar to polymer pistol frames. 

These receivers have been used on everything from .22lr to 50 BMG single shots. 

You wont need any special tooling or processes to build this receiver. The assembly on these is identical to every other Ar15 style receiver. If you are choosing one of our in-house build kits you will be getting a Single Stage trigger with a crisp break around 6 lbs.

blaster pistolscopedbuildscoped rifleriflebuild

These are a few of the many customer submitted builds we have seen over the years.I am hoping to see yours soon.



AR-15 lower
Posted by Ronald L Pletten on 7th Aug 2022
The pin holes where very tight, and the hinge pin holes where very tight. Every thing lined up perfectly. It all fit snuggly together. And it all went together so nicely, that I purchased two more lowers.

Ar 15 lower receiver
Posted by William Beachler on 30th May 2022
This is a quality product as usual, along with great customer service. Over the TOP!!!

Great product
Posted by Greg Smith on 7th Feb 2022
I’ve bought a couple of these, and I’d say they are a good and snug fit each time.

Excellent Lightweight Lower
Posted by Unknown on 14th Dec 2021
I was interested in building the lightest AR possible, and it didn't take long to decide on TA Polymer lower. Fit and finish is perfect and all MilSpec components fit perfectly.

AR 15 Stripped lower
Posted by Joseph Lloyd on 10th Aug 2021
This is the second lower I have bought and the quality is great. Have no belief this one will be any different from the other.

Awesome a great product
Posted by zachary Branum on 29th Jul 2021
I have purchased a couple of receivers from Tennessee Arms, I like how light weight and durable they seem. The only reason for the low rating is because the detent for the rear takedown pin pops out through the plastic. Doesn't seem to cause any issue just. Have to be careful taking my pins out.

Purchased 2 months ago
Posted by Roy Ramsden on 16th Jul 2021
Great product and likes the way it looks and is durable.

Posted by Chad Shaffer on 8th Jul 2021
Nice lowers all parts married well together and no problems functioning

Polymer Lower
Posted by Ross Rountree on 7th Jul 2021
Great product, lightweight, strong.

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Washington and Illinois AR15 Bans

Washington and Illinois have both recently passed laws banning the sale and distribution of assault-style weapons, high capacity-magazines, and switches that convert handguns into assault-style firearms. Both laws were met with strong opposition from gun rights groups, and in response, both states have faced lawsuits.


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