Ghost Gun Clear Complete AR15 Style Lower

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Ghost Gun Complete Lower 

Clear Training AR Lower



Tennessee Arms Company, LLC is proud to reintroduce our line of clear AR15 style lower receivers. This receiver is fully functional and ready to be installed onto your mil-spec upper receiver. We are offering this receiver as complete and populated only as the assembly process is slightly different with this lower compared to our standard lower receivers. Constructed of a gun-oil and UV resistant material this functional lower is intended as a training tool and is not intended for duty use or the rough treatment that our standard receivers are accustomed to. This receiver is assembled using standard AR parts and no specialty parts are used in it's construction or assembly. While the use of customer supplied parts is perfectly acceptable and will fit perfectly they are not recommended. 

This lower comes fully assembled with our single-stage trigger and six-position mil-spec style stock and standard pistol grip. As with all our complete lowers the stock and pistol grip can be upgraded to Magpul furniture for a small fee. 

Your Ghost Gun receiver weighs in at a slight 3.6 ounces making it the lightest functional Ar15 style lower receiver in the world. The complete lower receiver, using mil-spec parts, weighs in at 1.625 pounds with a standard buffer. If you are looking for the lightest build possible, you are in the right spot. We have tested this receiver with every caliber in the AR platform from .22 long rifle to 50 Beowulf with no problems in performance or reliability. Sons of Liberty Gun Works was nice enough to turn one into a full-auto for us during our testing phase (see video below) 

This receiver IS a firearm and will need to be sent to your local FFL for processing and background checks. Due to the added complication of building these receivers please allow up to four weeks for processing and shipment to your FFL. 

* Due to the unique nature of this product we are offering a 45 day guarantee of this product. 

* Thank Mike @ Sons of Liberty Gun Works for the full-auto video, our polymer has changed since our prototype to be more gun-oil friendly 

45 day from manufacture defect and functionality