TAC-9 Glock Mag Compatible


  • Lightweight

  • Takes Glock Magazines in 9mm/.357 Sig/40 S&W

  • Easy to Build, takes AR15 lower parts

  • Ambi Mag Release Installed

  • Low Cost

Our Newest Member of the Tennessee Arms Family.

This receiver has been in design for 2 years and is finally available. Our design is the lightest and most innovative and affordable pistol caliber AR design on the market.

Our patent pending receiver design uses a high strength composite material paired with metallic inserts to produce the lightweight indestructible design that is demanded from today's firearms. Our metal inserts are molded into and through the composite material to deliver resilient strength in a color coordinated frame. 

 Customer Review...Awesome! I may just take you up on that. I bought 4 lowers from y'all a few months ago and just finished three builds that I'm SUPER happy with. A 9mm rifle, a 5.56 pistol and a 5.56 rifle. Your 9mm lower and BCG have been working out amazingly well so far. I'm so happy to have a solid 9mm build that takes Glock mags. It's a blast at the range. I'm a huge fan and I love your products! Lifelong customer here..... Colin..