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Want to take your AR build game to another level?  Tennessee Arms Company is proud to offer the first Hybrid 80 Percent Receiver Blank on the market, The Liberator . Using the same Nylon 6-6 with 50% fiber fill for the body and brass inserts near high stress or threaded areas , we are confident when we say that this is the best 80% on the market today, in a class all its own. Now you can have the ease of machining Nylon with the strength of our brass inserts. All covered by our lifetime warranty.


Liberator w/jig comes with a one time use jig and trigger hole guide. All you need is a drill press and the following bits to complete your 80% project which can be purchased here Drill Bits & End Mill Kit


  • 7/16" End Mill
  • 5/16" Drill Bit
  • 3/8" Drill Bit
  • 5/32" Drill Bit


All Liberators will be shipped to the address in the "Shipping Address" portion of the checkout process . If you have special shipment needs , please list them in the "Comments" section of the checkout process.


 Return and Exchange policy: We will only accept returns and exchanges on unaltered 80% blanks. Any manufacturing defects or exchanges will be processed on a case by case basis.




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    Perfect storm. TnArmsCo can do better.

    Posted by Ken on 29th Apr 2018

    I seem to have gotten all the issues of the previous reviewers (from two years ago, no less) rolled into one. If this receiver were not a great price, and apparently solidly constructed, I'd probably not consider purchasing another. However, it's the best priced 80% receiver I've seen, and the hybrid construction makes it relatively durable but easy on the tools.

    I've only milled one of the receivers I ordered as yet, but the mill is too short to the shoulder and it gets in the way of milling the trigger hole, and in the way of milling the rear of the trigger group hole. The fluted part of the mill are long enough for the main trigger group opening, but not to reach the trigger hole through the trigger guide, and not to reach the bottom of the rear of the trigger group hole through the tall part of the jig. If I didn't want to install a safety, this last part would have presented no issue.

    The rear takedown area did not mesh with my upper; even with a nylon mallet, I couldn't make the two parts mesh. I ended up chiseling material from the front of the square hole at the rear, and even then I had to alter the takedown pin hole so that the pin could be pressed through the hole in the upper receiver. This left the pin very sloppy (as well as a bitter taste in my mouth.)

    Additionally, I had to alter the shape of the curve taht goes to the buffer tube, as my upper wouldn't fit there either. Also, in order to hold the buffer retention pin in place, the buffer had to be screwed in far enough to also interfere with my upper receiver, so it too had to be ground down.

    I fixed my own safety selector tightness issue by drilling the holes sloppier than the jig suggested.

    Now each of those fit-up issues could indeed be my inexperience, or my upper, but since another reviewer has remarked on the same issues, I'm not convinced.

    Lastly, when I received the two that I'd ordered, only one was the color I'd ordered. This issue was reported by another reviewer nearly two years ago. It should already have been fixed; get some better lighting. Or something.

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    Great Lower/ Need Better Mill Bit

    Posted by Mike on 4th Dec 2016

    All in all the lower itself is a nice product. I had it engraved with the US flag and it turned out great. The only problem I had was with the milling bit they included. The top of the bit tapers down to the milling part by about 1/16 ". When you are following the outline of the jig , this caused the actual milled receiver to be off by 1/8". The bit was also not long enough to make it through the trigger hole guide before the thicker base of the bit would hit it, and would not make it through the opening to follow the hole guide. All I had to do was go to Home Depot and buy a longer mill bit so not a big deal, just food for thought.

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    product review along with company review

    Posted by Miguel Aceves on 19th Aug 2016

    The product itself is great I would strongly recommend it to anybody too bad customer service sent me the wrong color after I specifically email them and ask them to send me the same color which was supposed to be Grey for both and I got two different colors . They said I would be able to exchange it but I really needed him for this weekend me and my partner having a build off so I won't have it on time but if you're looking for a good hybrid 80% I do recommend this product just make sure they get your order right

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    80% lower reciever.

    Posted by Sam on 15th Aug 2016

    Very disappointed in this product, had a lot of trouble trying to put a upper on it after I milled it. It did not match up at the rear take down pin. Also the safety detent hole was just a shade to small causing a very hard to switch from safety to fire mode. I had to remove material from the back end of the reciever to make it fit by grinding it with a drimmel tool.

    TNARMSCO:: We have corresponded with Sam to explain some of his issues were by design to insure a tight fit, and the issue of his safety has been resolved.

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    Posted by paul on 3rd Feb 2016

    So far so good. Excited to get this project started.