TNARMS-15, AR-308, TAC-9


The TNARMS-15 is a lightweight durable AR-15 style receiver designed with metal reinforcement in key areas. The body of the receiver is made from the same incredibly resilient material as offroad suspension bushings and a very similar material as polymer framed pistols. We invented the method of embedding a metallic insert in the rear of the polymer AR receiver to make the strongest lightweight AR receiver on the market.  You can use these receivers in any caliber from 22 caliber as a lightweight trainer up to .50 BMG/ .50 Beowulf. 


The AR-308 Receiver is made in the same style as our incredibly successful TNARMS-15 but has been designed for the longer cartridges of the 308 Win, 6.5 Creedmore, and others needing just a bit more firepower than the AR-15 platform can handle. The end result is a AR-308 rifle that is much lighter with some customers (and us here at the shop) building semi-automatic rifles weighing the same as most companies AR-15 style rifles.

The AR-308 is built to accept the DMPS GenI upper receiver due to the wide availability of parts and accessories on the market. 


The TAC-9 is a 9mm receiver designed to accept Glock style magazines. The Tac-9 was designed in-house over a 2-year period and features innovations unseen in our competitors. Designed mainly for law-enforcement the receiver features a built in ambidextrous magazine release and the use of the Glock magazines enables easy reloads from a duty belt. No more hunting for spare rifle magazines  you can use the pistol magazines you are already carrying.... as long as you are carrying a 9mm Glock anyway.

The TAC-9 is also one of the easiest to build in our inventory. Containing no gas system the 9mm upper is a blow back design. Simple add a complete 9mm upper with a Glock cut Bolt Carrier Group and at least a 7 oz buffer ( has to be heavier due to the high pressure 9mm round and blow back design) and you are ready for thousands of rounds of reliable performance. 


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