How to Buy Guns Online


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Buying a Firearm online can seem daunting, but the process is painless.

As a licensed firearms manufacturer, we are required under State and Federal law to legally transfer any receiver or complete lower you purchase from us to a licensed gun dealer (FFL) of your choice.

The Process is Simple

The ATF considers the receiver to be the only part that is actually considered a firearm. As such, it must be transferred to a licensed Federal Firearms Dealer (FFL), your desired gunshop for pickup.

We recommend before completing your order with us, contacting your desired FFL/gunshop to ensure all contact information for them is correct on our order form. This way you may, also, inquire about their transfer fees as they vary by shop & state. 

Buying Firearms Online:

  1. Choose the receiver you would like to purchase on our website and add it to your shopping cart
  2. In the FFL information area put the contact information of a licenced gun dealer in your area  ( we can help with this if necessary)
  3. Complete the rest of the checkout process
  4. Inform your FFL to expect a transfer
Once the sale is completed, our staff will contact the firearms dealer in your area to coordinate the shipment to their registered address. Tracking will be sent to you, thus knowing when your package arrives. After the package is delivered, go to the FFL & complete a legal transfer just like if you had purchased the firearm from them. You purchase the product from us, and pay them for the services of facilitating a transfer.
Additional Information:
  1. Transfer fees vary greatly by shop & state. Usually expect to pay $20-50~ for a transfer. Some states, also, have additional, required fees that are over and above the background check fee of $10.00. Ask around.
  2. You have already purchased the receiver from us, it is your property. You are only paying for a legal transfer and some paperwork.
  3. State and local laws vary from state to state and in different municipalities. If you have any questions about the legality of any of our products, check with your local firearms dealer. 

 BATFE Registry of Firearms Dealers

 FFL Registry