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We are proud to introduce our newest product, the AR-308®. Designed to accept a DPMS pattern upper receiver and engineered with our patent pending threaded metal inserts, the AR-308 is the cutting edge of the heavy caliber rifle receivers. Made from a high-grade Nylon with fiber-reinforcement, our receiver will be lighter and more durable than the anodized aluminum receivers they are replacing. Mold is complete and is being shipped now via freight. Delivery is scheduled for 11/30 

Designed using our experience in building the 5.56 version as a guide, we have reinforced every stress point in the receiver. The TNARMS-15 is already on the market mounted to customer's .450 Bushmaster uppers and .50 Beowulf uppers with zero returns from part failure in any caliber. The AR-308 has approximately 30 percent more mass and is reinforced by design. All of our products come with a lifetime guarantee. Dealer Sales are OK with no max amount.


Estimated Weight is sub 6.3 ounces